Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Quad: Episode 011

Holy banana pants! There's an Andy Jewett on this episode! Who's lucky? Ben and Zack. That's who. The lads catch up Andy, talk about the death of a cyber-cow at the hands of a mysterious warrior, (un)happy clowns, and happiness!

1. Calgary - Death Milks a Cow (Connor Willumsen)
2. Ed the Happy Clown (Drawn & Quarterly)
3. Strikeforce Morituri (Marvel)
4. Hitchcock
5. The Hunks get questions!

Check out Willumesen's Death Milks a Cow here: Study Group Comics - Death Milks a Cow

Twitter:  @BenTiede, @ZackKruse, @AndyJewett


Ray Charles - What'd I Say?

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