Thursday, June 7, 2012

Episode 034: Mind Burglar Bureaucracy

Destroying your ear muscles one word at a time, Ben and Zack are back with a new episode of the Distinguished Comic Book Podcast! The lads talk about ritual murder and beautifully written brutal violence, Zack is haunted by Judge Holden, Ben rediscovers Grant Morrison’s caped crusader tales, they chat about tiny dinosaur bullies, the mystery of the fifth Beatle is unveiled, they discuss mind burglars and the bureaucracy they have to deal with, and much, much more! Chip chip!

  1. Blood Meridian (Cormac McCarthy)
  2. Batman, Batman & Robin, Batman, Inc. (DC)
  3. Gon volume 1 (Kondasha Comics)
  4. Baby’s in Black (:01 First Second)
  5. Mind MGMT (Dark Horse)

Music: The Beatles – Baby’s in Black
Twitter: @BenTiede, @ZackKruse


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