Thursday, May 10, 2012

Episode 033: Lovable Curmudgeons

WHU-HUT! Aw yeah, busy schedules be danged! Ben and Zack have a brand new episode of the show ready for you just two days before the 2012 Summit City Comic Con and it’s because they love you very, very much. As the boy get wound up for Summit City Con they talk about a true American hero and Cleveland’s greatest curmudgeon, post-apocalyptic barbarians in America that drive Honda Civics, the awful mess that occurs when you don’t make sacrifices to wolf gods, learning hard lessons about not pissing off wolf mothers, the rot, pterodactyl onion skins, moon bears, unsettling children’s comics, confusion over potentially Norwegian names, great horror comics from Dark Horse, sadness is funny when it’s in the Van Houten house,  new John Prophet, a serious Tick centennial,   Chip chip!

  1. Cleveland (Top Shelf)
  2. American Barbarian (AdHouse)
  3. Night of 1,000 Wolves #1 (IDW)
  4. Animal Man (DC)
  5. Pterodactyl Hunters in the Guilded City (Top Shelf)
  6. Abominable Charles Christopher (
  7. Amulet (Scholastic/Graphix)
  8. Ragemoor (Dark Horse)
  9. Bart Simpon’s Pal Milhouse (Bongo)
  10. Prophet #24 (Image)
  11. The Tick #100 (New England Comics)
 Music: Cherry Poppin’ Daddies – Modsquadrophenia
Twitter: @BenTiede, @ZackKruse


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