Monday, February 13, 2012

Episode 027: Existential Despair in Gumby Land!

So. We had a little bit of trouble with Skype and internet connections, but we made it work because we love you! In this episode we drive deep into post apocalyptic Canada (in a collected edition!), pre-teen mall parties (you know, the kind where the kids have a summertime romance and have pie fights and stuff), them crazy indie comix, horrific violence on Mining Colony X7170, oooh heaven is a place at the center of the earth, men who dress like bats and are beautifully drawn, existential despair in Gumby’s neighborhood, Gumby goes to Hell…no, really! Once we get through all of that neat stuff we, and the Ben Tiede Doll, answer listener questions! Chip Chip!

  1. Sweet Tooth (Vertigo)
  2. Kramers Ergot 8 (PictureBox)
  3. Batman #1-5 (DC)
  4. Gumby’s Spring [Art Adams] Specials (Gumby Comics)

Music: Blind Melon – Skinned
Twitter: @BenTiede, @ZackKruse


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