Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Episode 015: Motivating A Monster

More super comic friends! Cartoonist Andrew Fraser joins Ben and Zack for a rip-roaring good time! This episode has a desperate cry for help from a little boy who grew up hating love, a whole bunch'a dead bodies, mystical dragons that answer your queries, gangster cats, perpetually pregnant anthropomorphic mice, mystical mayhem with a medical twist, pulpy action heroes, a manufacturing facility for The Adversary, and Captain America movie chatter. Chip! Chip!

1.                  Apollo's Song volumes 1 & 2 (Vertical)
2.                  The Isle of 100,000 Graves (Fantagraphics)
3.                  One Question (
4.                  Lackadaisy (
5.                  Bridgette's Belly (
6.         Witch Doctor #1 (Image)
7.                  Rocketeer Adventures (IDW)
8.                  The Satan Factory (Dark Horse)
9.                  Captain America movie chatter

Music: Against Me! - Piss & Vinegar

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1 comment:

  1. Really loved the differences in opinions in this episode!

    I've been reading Essential Captain America #1 and there is a bit of back story they could have used for Red Skull. There is an "Origin" story in that volume that paints him as basically a bum who steals, begs, shoplifts to survive. Really beat down guy. He's working as a bellhop at a hotel and has to deliver a meal to Hitler who decides to basically does a "Trading Places" and decides to train him as the perfect officer.

    I have to wonder if they held some of that back for an extended DVD.

    Andrew thanks for being a great guest in my headphones!