Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Episode 013: Pneumatic Cheesecake

It’s another shoot from the hip episode! It’s the thirteenth episode there isn’t a triskaidekaphobe in sight. In this sexy, superstition-free episode Ben and Zack talk about satan fueled locomotives, lycanthropy,  geriatric superheroes, Canada’s greatest super team, post apocalyptic worlds—some that involve super-intelligent apes and some that have children that are animal hybrids—then there’s the love-making pneumatic robots and 57 years of cheesecake from one of the best. Enjoy!

1.                  That Hellbound Train #1 (IDW)
2.                  Astounding Wolf-Man (Image)
3.                  Super Patriot (Image)
4.                  Destroyer #1 (Marvel)
5.                  Alpha Flight #1 (Marvel)
6.                  Planet of The Apes #2 (BOOM!)
7.                  Sweet Tooth (DC/Vertigo)
8.                  Chester 5000 XYV (Top Shelf)
9.                  The Art of Doug Sneyd (Dark Horse)

Music: Johnny Cash - Thirteen

Twitter: @BenTiede, @ZackKruse


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