Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Episode 013: Pneumatic Cheesecake

It’s another shoot from the hip episode! It’s the thirteenth episode there isn’t a triskaidekaphobe in sight. In this sexy, superstition-free episode Ben and Zack talk about satan fueled locomotives, lycanthropy,  geriatric superheroes, Canada’s greatest super team, post apocalyptic worlds—some that involve super-intelligent apes and some that have children that are animal hybrids—then there’s the love-making pneumatic robots and 57 years of cheesecake from one of the best. Enjoy!

1.                  That Hellbound Train #1 (IDW)
2.                  Astounding Wolf-Man (Image)
3.                  Super Patriot (Image)
4.                  Destroyer #1 (Marvel)
5.                  Alpha Flight #1 (Marvel)
6.                  Planet of The Apes #2 (BOOM!)
7.                  Sweet Tooth (DC/Vertigo)
8.                  Chester 5000 XYV (Top Shelf)
9.                  The Art of Doug Sneyd (Dark Horse)

Music: Johnny Cash - Thirteen

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Episode 012: Ah, crap.

Ah, crap. Well. We PLANNED to talk about Osamu Tezuka’s Apollo’s Song. …but we couldn’t get enough copies of the book in time. Such is life. We survived. Instead you get to hear good ol’ Ben and Zack talkin’ about what they’ve read over the last week! And other stuff! And olives! It’s a delightful discussion about werewolves, Caligula making us uncomfortable, Cowboy ridin’ bears, poundin’ pavement for Summit City Con, amazing miniature hamburgers, bat-human hybrids that run for president, little girls with beards that love Mexican food, DC news, drinking olive juice, and demon killin’ Inquisitors. Enjoy! Olives!

  1. Astounding Wolf-Man (Image)
  2. Caligula (Avatar)
  3. Reed Gunther (Image)
  4. Bat-Boy: The Complete Weekly World News Comic Strips (IDW)
  5. Chimichanga (Exploding Albatross Funny Books)
  6. The Marquis: Inferno (Dark Horse)
Music: Warren G - Regulators

Sponsor: Summit City Comic Con

Twitter: @BenTiede, @ZackKruse